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Cleaning car seats: How to get the upholstery clean again!

No matter how careful you are, everyday life leaves various traces on our car seats. However, food residue, water marks and normal signs of wear and tear rapidly reduce the feel-good factor in the interior of our car. Most dirt accumulates in the form of horrible stains, mainly on the seats. Unsightly fabric abrasion also becomes more and more visible over the years due to daily wear and tear.

Good news: It doesn't take much to turn upholstery like these into clean and attractive car seats again. All you need to invest is a little time and the right care product that will clean your seats deep down and make them look like new again. We'll tell you right now how to go about it, what you need for gentle cleaning and how you can also remove unpleasant odors at the same time.

Cleaning car seat upholstery: How to get them clean in no time!

To ensure that your upholstered car seats can dry effortlessly, it is best to choose a warm and sunny day for the "complete cleaning" project. Now you can start with the basic cleaning. To remove dust, dog hair and crumbs from the surface and from the cracks in the seats, use a special attachment on your vacuum cleaner and vacuum everything away thoroughly. If you were not able to completely remove all of your beloved furry friend's hairy remains, we recommend that you go over it again with a soft natural bristle brush. If dog hair is still visible, you should be able to get rid of the last stubborn hairs with a normal lint roller or adhesive tape, which works on the same principle as the textile lint roller.

Then it's time to take stock. If the dirt literally jumps out at you in the form of stains from spilled drinks, chocolate or other food, you can tackle them with the help of a sustainable upholstery cleaner. Shaving foam is also ideal for this. It doesn't matter which product you choose. Both environmentally friendly measures ensure that the stains in your car upholstery disappear in no time. However, using a car upholstery cleaner spray is easier. The fine spray mist makes it easier to apply the product to the entire upholstery surface, which produces better results. In the following overview, you will find out what to do after the basic cleaning.

Complete car upholstery cleaning

Car upholstery with thesustainable upholstery cleanerSpray generously on car seats.

Then work the product evenly into the material using a cleaning brush.

Finally, rub again with a damp cloth.

Car upholstery stain removal

Spray the stain directly with the car upholstery cleaner spray from a distance of about ten centimeters.

Now the cleaner is worked in selectively with a natural brush or a soft sponge.

Allow the product to work for about half an hour and then rub with a damp cloth.

Good to know: With environmentally friendly products based on natural ingredients, you don't have to worry about ugly edges. On top of that, sustainable cleaners are designed to eliminate bacteria at the same time, thus giving unpleasant odors no chance to develop. If you still have a stronger odor in your car that you want to get rid of, then it's best to use asustainable odor eliminator.


How to remove water stains from car seat upholstery?

When it comes to water stains, it's mainly a matter of the visual blemish that needs to be removed. There is a solution for this problem too. We don't need chemicals for this either.

Instead, we can get to work with a versatile household remedy: vinegar. All you have to do is dilute some vinegar with distilled water, prepare a soft sponge with the liquid and wipe it over the stain. After a short exposure time, wipe it again with a damp cloth and the water stain is gone.

Cleaning car upholstery: Vacuum cleaners remove heavy dirt in no time!

For deep-seated dirt, intensive cleaning with a wet vacuum cleaner is recommended. To do this, fill some liquid upholstery cleaner into the vacuum cleaner's container and mix it with water in the specified ratio. Visually, the special wet vacuum cleaners are almost identical to a conventional model. The only difference is that you can also clean surfaces with water. There is a small nozzle on the attachment of the wet vacuum cleaner that you can use to spread the prepared mixture of water and cleaning agent onto the seat upholstery. You then vacuum all the liquid and the dirt out of the car upholstery. The dirty liquid is collected in a separate container, which tells you how much dirt was in the upholstery of your car seats.

Good tip: To ensure that your seat cushions can dry completely again, we recommend that you choose a sunny summer day for cleaning with the vacuum cleaner. Unlike with hand cleaning, this method allows a little more water to penetrate your cushions.

Car upholstery cleaning: Why you should avoid chemical products!

Chemical upholstery cleaners contain aggressive ingredients that will irreversibly damage the material of your car upholstery over time. This often results in unsightly marks that are almost impossible to remove. In addition, cleaners like these are extremely harmful to Mother Nature and, at the end of the day, are also harmful to humans and animals.

If the toxic substances enter the environment via the groundwater, they cause permanent damage. We see the consequences every day. Contaminated streams, lakes and rivers that offer little habitat for animals and plants. Our damaged ecosystem is steadily reducing the biodiversity of our native flora and fauna. If we also consider that outdated sewage treatment plants are often unable to filter the contaminated water, it is no wonder that more and more children and adults are suffering from allergies. But this is precisely the problem that each and every one of us can do something about!

The fact is: we don’t have to give up anything. Becausesustainable upholstery cleanersremove dirt and bacteria effectively without harming the environment. This is ensured by natural ingredients such as washing soda and green surfactants, which are gentle on the materials, have a powerful effect against dirt and are harmless to the environment.