Home remedies like in grandma’s day

Goodbye chemicals. Hello cleanliness, leather care and well-being. Using natural ingredients, we achieve the effectiveness of “modern” chemicals without any frills.

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Small family businesses

Made in family-run factories, filled and packaged by hand.

Good for the environment

Harmless ingredients such as beeswax and essential oils, without chemicals.

CO2-saving shipping

Short transport routes, local production, packaged in recycled material, brown glass and paper.

5k+ Reviews


You are professionals!

After the marble cleaner and the suede cleaner, I now also find the leather balm excellent. Very easy to apply, shines beautifully, everything is like new! Thank you for such a great product!

JenJen P.

What have you done with me?

Some strange transformation has happened... I almost look forward to spray painting the sofa in the evening after the kids and the dog have played on it. What have you done to me?


The smell - wow!

The leather feels supple again AND it smells incredibly wonderful!


Absolutely world class!

Cleaning is actually always a bit annoying... but with the scent that I can now smell while doing it, I actually find it quite cool.

For a naturally green home.

With our eye for the needs of modern households, we are expanding our portfolio
constantly adding new products that offer traditional cleansing, timeless relaxation and a
enable a green home.

Goodbye chemicals. Hello cleanliness, leather care & well-being.

Organic certified 🎉

We are extremely proud: Emma Grün is certified organic for the sale of organic food by the Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landbau mbH (control body code: DE-ÖKO-007) Find out more here

Why are we different?

Who is Emma Green?

Emma Grün stands for honest, chemical-free and effective household products like in grandma's day. Natural ingredients such as sugar surfactants, essential oils and beeswax ensure the best results without any frills. We cooperate with small family businesses in Germany and Greece for short delivery routes and CO2 reduction.

Our logo, inspired by Louis' grandmother, represents the help of all grandparents with tips and proven home remedies.

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Green Home - Guide

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