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Foam care sponge set of 3, polishing sponges for scratch-free care and cleaning

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🍀 High quality material with long service life

✓ Perfect for treating leather & wood

🇬🇧 Made in Germany

🚗 Round for delicate surfaces

🧽 Angular also for coarse dirt

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Das Problem

Sponges of inferior quality cause unsightly streaks and scratches on sensitive surfaces. A catastrophe for high-quality pieces of furniture, leather products, chrome steel fittings and for the sensitive car paint. Another shortcoming that arises due to the inferior quality is the service life. Because if you have washed them a few times , they will already fall apart and you need a new one. This not only harms your wallet, but also the environment.

Die Lösung

The sponges from Emma Grün are of high quality and pleasantly soft . Due to their optimal absorbency , they effortlessly absorb leather cleaning and care products, which means that they can be distributed perfectly on the materials. They have a long service life due to their good quality.

If necessary, wash them out, let them dry and use them again. And the best thing is: You avoid unnecessary waste, do our environment a huge favor and also save money.

Anwendung & Weitere Informationen

Anwendung & Weitere Informationen

Anwendung: So that you always have a suitable sponge to hand, we have put together two practical storage packages for you: • Three soft sponges for easy cleaning and subsequent care. • Five soft application sponges plus three cleaning sponges/rough for light to stubborn dirt. And this is how you can clean and care for your sensitive surfaces with the Emma Grün sponges: 1. Cleaning: Wet the sponge and apply the cleaning agent. By gently kneading, the agent is distributed throughout the sponge. Now you can clean dirty surfaces as you like. 2. Maintain: Apply wax or lotion to the sponge and work into the material as directed on the packaging. Our sponges are suitable for all Emma Grün furniture and leather care products. It can also be used anywhere as a cleaning sponge/kitchen. Of course you can also use it for other cleaning and care products and as a rinsing sponge.


Hinweis: Stets vor der Anwendung an einer unauffälligen Stelle testen. Von Kindern fernhalten.

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NEU: Emma ist bio-zertifiziert

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Customer Reviews

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Boris Z.
Polierschwämme zur kratzfreien Pflege & Reinigung

Sehr gute Ware und für vieles zu gebrauchen. Werde auf jeden Fall hier wieder bestellen.

andreas w.
einfacher Schwamm.

Die Lieferung erfolgte schnell und die Schwämme sind ok. Für meine Zwecke ein wenig rau. Aber bei dem Preis ist es schon ok.

Kai-Uwe F.

Lieferzeit und Qualität ist alles top


Alles perfekt. Die Schwämme haben meine Erwartungen voll erfüllt. Super z.B. für die Lederpflege.

Hochwertiger Schwamm, der leicht anzuwenden ist

Das Auftragen der Schuhcreme mit dem Schwamm geht leicht von der Hand, dabei ist der Schwamm langlebig

Ratgeber & Hintergrundinfos

Sensitive surfaces require appropriate care. But you should also be careful not to use too aggressive cleaning agents and cleaning utensils when cleaning. Because once the scratches are there, you can't undo them and the annoyance is big. So that a mishap like this doesn't happen to you and you don't have to get angry afterwards, we have a few good tips for you up our sleeve.


Cleaning the kitchen: tips & tricks for sensitive surfaces


Everyone knows it: kitchen cleaning is a tiresome subject. Last but not least, it is due to the fact that perfect hygiene is particularly important here. But also the cleaning and care of the different materials that come together in a kitchen causes headaches for many of us. Various cleaning agents and care polishes as well as cleaning rags and the like are lined up in the kitchen cupboards and make a mess. The fact is: it doesn't have to be. Because once you have found the right sustainable means, there is an overview again. And let me tell you: Aggressive chemical products and scratching sponges are also not necessary!


Clean wood:


Wood is one of the most sensitive surfaces. To ensure that the beautiful appearance of the natural material is not affected, special care must be taken when cleaning and caring for cupboards and worktops. That's why you should never clean stains with a wet cloth, but only with a damp cloth. But you can also do this wonderfully with a cleaning sponge for wooden furniture, such as those from Emma Grün .


To ensure that your wooden surfaces do not lose their natural radiance, you must also properly care for them after cleaning. Regular treatment with our rich furniture wax is suitable for this. For a wafer-thin application, it is best to use a soft polishing sponge. It absorbs the nourishing care wonderfully and you can then gently work it into the wood without scratching the sensitive material. Good tip: Always work the care product in the direction of the wood grain. Then the beauty of the natural wood comes into its own.


Cleaning natural stone surfaces:


Natural stone is also being seen more and more in kitchens. The natural material is used remarkably frequently, especially for worktops. But beware: stone surfaces are also sensitive and require gentle cleaning and care.


Depending on the nature of the natural material, there are big differences in terms of sensitivity. Some are sensitive to heat and others react to mechanical influences. For example, slate and marble are allergic to stains and scratches. Acids contained in foods such as citrus fruits also leave unsightly stains on marble which, if you don't react quickly enough, are visible on the material forever.


In order to protect your stone surfaces in the long term, you should only use special cleaning agents for natural stone. Subsequent sealing is also recommended. This is the only way to prevent liquids from penetrating the surface of the natural material and leaving unsightly stains. Furthermore, you should never clean the sensitive stone with a scouring pad. It leaves ugly scratches in which dirt and bacteria can easily accumulate and also make the material vulnerable to external influences.


Cleaning glass surfaces:


Glass is one of the most insensitive materials in the kitchen. It is easy to clean with water and a few dashes of cleaning vinegar and does not require any additional care. From an optical point of view, however, the material is more sensitive than, for example, wood or natural stone. Because unfortunately every little splash and every fingerprint becomes visible in a matter of seconds and is a reason to immediately swing the cleaning rag.


However, you should also avoid using alkaline suds and fluoride-based cleaners out of love for the environment and to protect your glass fronts. Because as insensitive as glass is on the one hand, aggressive cleaning agents are also a no go here. The same goes for steel wool, scratchy kitchen sponges or razor blades: they cause disastrous scratches. For this reason, no matter how stubborn the dirt is, you should avoid using equipment like this!

Cleaning stainless steel surfaces:


Stainless steel in the kitchen looks exclusive and is a classic that never goes out of style. Unfortunately, the chic material is extremely sensitive to grease and fingerprints. If you reach for sharp cleaning agents and coarse cleaning sponges, the noble look is quickly gone. Instead, you can easily subject signs of use like this to a mild sponge cleaning. A few drops of natural cleaning agent and some water are perfectly sufficient for this. You can then wash your stainless steel surfaces with hot water and dry them carefully with a soft microfiber cloth. Your stainless steel will shine like before in a matter of seconds.


Good to know: matt stainless steel should always be cleaned in the direction of the grain! Because no matter how soft the cloth is, you could otherwise damage the brushed surface.

Cleaning paintwork surfaces:


Lacquered surfaces are either matt or glossy. You can also choose between foil coatings and real lacquer finishes when buying a kitchen. In a direct comparison, real lacquer is a bit more complex to look after than foil-coated fronts. If you use the right means, real paint scores with a long service life and is also less sensitive to scratches. Neither surface type tolerates cleaning with a microfiber cloth. Instead, discolouration and stains that tend to settle on the roughened surface of matt kitchens can be removed with a soft sponge and some water and soapy water, and then rub dry with a cloth.


High-gloss kitchen fronts made of real lacquer are smooth and have a closed surface. Dirt particles and residues can be easily removed from them. All you need are clean, soft cotton towels and a mild detergent. But be careful: keep your hands off scouring milk and scratchy sponges. They ruin paint surfaces of all kinds and this forever and ever. Good tip: The super soft foam care sponges are also suitable as a polishing sponge/car for your sensitive car paintwork and as a leather care sponge/car for your steering wheel and leather seats.

Leather surfaces:


Leather upholstery can be perfectly cleaned with a damp, soft cleaning utensil and a gentle leather cleaner based on natural ingredients such as plant-based surfactants. However, when it comes to leather, you should remember that you should give it appropriate care after cleaning. A nourishing leather care balm or natural beeswax, which impregnate at the same time, are suitable as an optimal protective layer. Emma Grün products meet all requirements. They pamper your leather and protect it at the same time. And this without harmful and aggressive ingredients.


And the best thing is: Your sensitive surfaces shine, the environment is happy and people are happy. This is how sustainable care works today.