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Odors and nicotine: removing furniture odors made easy

Smells affect our everyday lives. In some cases, they lift our mood and make our day. Others, however, literally stink to high heaven, create an uncomfortable atmosphere and make us sick in the long run. If they get stuck in our furniture and create an unhealthy indoor climate, it's high time to do something about it. Because if you wait too long, it will become increasingly difficult to get the stench out of them.

But it's not just annoying smells caused by nicotine, kitchen smells, pets or incorrect ventilation that need to be nipped in the bud. New pieces of furniture also give off an unpleasant smell, which can be easily combatted with the right products. In the following article, you'll find out how to do this and which sustainable odor neutralizers or home remedies can help you.


The smell of new furniture: harmless or a pollutant?

We all know this situation: The new piece of furniture has found a perfect place in our apartment and fills the room with coziness. However, the dresser, sofa, etc. give off an unpleasant smell that nips the flaring flame of joy in the bud. The first question that each of us asks ourselves in moments like these: Will the smell of the new thing affect my health and how can I get rid of the stench as quickly as possible?

One thing to note: It is completely normal for new furniture to give off a special smell at first. However, if the smell does not disappear after a while, caution is advised. Furniture contaminated with pollutants is a ticking time bomb for people who surround themselves with it every day. Sleep disorders, headaches, breathing problems, burning eyes and irritation of the mucous membranes are not uncommon. However, highly contaminated furniture is generally a rarity in Europe and the unpleasant smell can be quickly eliminated with the following measures.


Clean new and old furniture and neutralize odors

Depending on the material, there are various methods to eliminate the smell of furnishings. These home remedies and sustainable cleaners and odor neutralizers work:

  1. Vinegar water:A universal remedy for eliminating unpleasant odors is vinegar. To do this, add a dash of vinegar to the cleaning water and wipe the surfaces of your leather and wooden furniture with a soft cotton cloth. You can repeat this process a few times, depending on the smell. Do this with the window open or wear a mask. The vinegar smell, which quickly disappears afterwards, could otherwise irritate your respiratory tract.
  2. Baking powder & baking soda:These two home remedies have also proven to be effective in eliminating bad smells. Simply spread one of the two natural propellants on the upholstery of your furniture, leave it to work overnight and then vacuum it.
  3. Natural rose water:Rose water has the positive property that it not only covers up unpleasant smells, but binds them. That is why it is a natural alternative to get rid of unpleasant fumes in an environmentally friendly way. For optimal results, you can pour the fragrant natural product into a spray bottle. Then spray your furniture over a large area. You will see: the next day, the unpleasant smell will be just a memory.
  4. Sustainable odor neutralizers:Sustainable odor removersare free of questionable ingredients. They do their job with the help of natural household remedies such as the zinc salts of ricinoleic acid. In direct comparison with conventional products, they have the advantage that they do not just temporarily mask unpleasant odors. They act as effective odor absorbers and convert odor-causing molecules into odor-neutral ones. This neutralizes the stench and unpleasant odors no longer have a chance to develop. And honestly: that's exactly what we want!

The application is simple. After you have removed dust and dirt from your furniture, spray it generously with the odor neutralizer and let it dry overnight.


Ventilate regularly

Regularly airing a room speeds up the breakdown of pollutants, such as formaldehyde, which are found on or in the fabric of furniture. To help minimize odors, you should make sure that the room temperature is significantly higher than the outside temperature before the ten-minute burst of ventilation. After airing, the room must be heated up again and the process begins again. You should repeat this process until the unpleasant smell has disappeared. The advantage: the warm air inside promotes the escape of the pollutants, which can then escape through the open window.

Good tip: Furniture that is delivered in individual parts should be left to air outside before assembly. Direct sunlight should be avoided.


How to remove nicotine smell from furniture?

Removing the smell of nicotine from furniture is a tough task. Because once the smell of stale cigarette smoke has eaten into the surfaces of the furniture, it is not so easy to eliminate it. But here too, there are a few means and methods that will help you get rid of the stench. The most effective odor killers and cleaning methods are using vinegar andsustainable nicotine removersput into practice. The advantage: They remove the evil without chemicals. This way you act in an environmentally friendly way and protect your loved ones from health risks.


Remove dog smell from sofa, carpet, etc.: Here's how!

Our most beloved furry friends also regularly emit odors that are truly unpleasant in the long run. Here, too, you can use household remedies such as baking powder, baking soda, vinegar or aodor neutralizing, sustainable cleaning products can be used to combat the stench of urine or wet dog hair. Regular use of a steam cleaner also makes sense. Bacteria that cause unpleasant odors are eliminated with the help of hot steam. And this goes right into the deepest layers of tissue.

Remove car smell: This is how you get rid of unpleasant nicotine smell and dog smell!

Unpleasant smells cause discomfort and quickly push us to our limits in terms of smell. This is particularly unpleasant in enclosed spaces or in the car and can create embarrassing situations. If you plan to spontaneously invite someone on a joyride and the interior of the car stinks of stale cigarette smoke or wet dog, this is not only torture for the passenger, but also for the owner.

To prevent embarrassing moments like these from occurring in the first place, the causes should be eliminated regularly. We will now tell you what options there are and what you need to pay attention to so that bad smells no longer have a chance to arise.


Removing nicotine and dog smell from your car: How do unpleasant smells arise in your car?

Everyone can imagine why the interior of a car stinks of stale cigarette smoke. This vice is not only known for its negative health side effects. The stench, which, especially in stale form, causes people, not just non-smokers, to wrinkle their noses, is also unbearable. On top of that, the nicotine literally eats into the various materials. If you don't regularly tackle the deposits, you can't get rid of the yellow, greasy layer.

But why do our four-legged family members constantly leave behind a penetrating smell? First of all, it is completely normal for dogs to smell like their own kind and cannot be prevented. Just like us humans, dogs also have their own smell. This is secreted via their sweat glands. Yes, you heard right. Our beloved furry friends sweat too. This means we can dispel a widespread rumor that dogs do not have sweat glands and therefore do not perspire. Although the glands are located all over their bodies, they only release their skin odors via their paws, nose and the hairless parts of their bodies. Although dog sweat is odorless, if hygiene is inadequate it can smell just as unpleasant as humans.

But it's not just the hair follicles that make some four-legged friends give off less of their own smell and others more. Each dog's anal gland also gives off a typical smell. This is completely normal and explains the fact that dogs always sniff each other's rear ends when they meet on a walk. So, now we've explained why dogs smell. Now you can find out how you can eliminate the unpleasant smell in the car.


Remove dog smell from the car

The best strategy to avoid dog smell is to keep the car and the animal clean. This means: The dog must be bathed regularly, the car vacuumed and the dog blanket washed from time to time. In addition, to avoid smells, you should remove all hair from the seats after every car ride with your four-legged friend. A special pet hair vacuum cleaner is ideal for this. For stubborn hair, we recommend using a lint roller or a soft brush with natural bristles.

If the special scent of your furry family member is still omnipresent, a complete cleaning of the car interior is necessary. For this, we recommend a sustainable universal cleaner that uses plant-based surfactants to not only combat dirt and bacteria, but also neutralizes unpleasant dog smells in the car. Here's how to do it:

  1. Clean the car interior of dirt and hair.
  2. Mix some sustainable universal cleaner with lukewarm water and rub the surfaces and seat cushions with a soft cloth. Then rub again with a dry cloth.
  3. Finally, we recommend that you clean the cleaned surfaces in the interior with asustainable car interior odor neutralizerspray and let dry.
  4. Done! The unpleasant smell has disappeared and you can breathe freely again.

Good tip: Environmentally friendly odor neutralizers don't just fight dog odor. They are also suitable for removing smoke odor from the car and also work against food odors that have become embedded in the materials. The procedure is the same. However, to eliminate stubborn nicotine deposits, you should use an environmentally friendly nicotine remover instead of a universal cleaner. You'll see: you'll be amazed by the results.


Get rid of car smell: Sustainability wins over conventionality!

Of course, conventional cleaning products remove dirt and grime and remove unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, due to their chemical ingredients, they attack the material surfaces and cover up the smell with artificial fragrances - and this only lasts for a few hours. In addition, by using them we endanger our flora and fauna and ultimately ourselves. Because if they get out into the outside world, they pollute our groundwater and cause a massive extinction of species there. They are also on everyone's lips as allergy triggers. Is it worth it? We say: No, it's not!

Sustainable cleaners and odor neutralizers work with the help of tried and tested household remedies such as plant-based surfactants and zinc salts of ricinoleic acid. While some act powerfully against dirt and bacteria, others convert odor-producing molecules into odor-neutral ones. This means that they not only mask the odor for a while, but neutralize it completely. This means that the stench doesn't even have a chance to develop.

Our environment is not harmed by environmentally friendly products like these either. The ingredients they contain are biodegradable. If they get into nature, they do not cause any damage. So by using sustainable cleaners etc. we are not only making a positive contribution to environmental protection. We also use products that do their job effectively without being aggressive to the materials. The fact is: Due to the proven natural ingredients that sustainable car cleaners and car odor neutralizers have, it can be said that conventional products perform poorly in all consumer criteria and have no place in our lives anymore. Or what do you think?