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Washing a leather jacket: Can leather jackets be put in the washing machine?

Leather is one of the finest raw materials that Mother Nature has to offer. It is enchanting with its pleasant feel and its beautiful appearance. That is precisely why it is not surprising that we like to surround ourselves with this natural material. Whether as a piece of furniture, stylish clothing or accessory. Natural leather is not only beautiful to look at. It is also robust and almost impossible to kill. A good example of this is the good old leather jacket. We are guaranteed that each of us has one of these beloved items of clothing in our closet that has been with us for a decade or two. Because leather never goes out of fashion and enhances every outfit.

However, it needs the right care to ensure that it doesn't lose its unique appeal over the years. Many people then ask themselves: Can I actually wash my leather jacket in the washing machine? You can find one or two reports on this on the Internet. Most of the time the outcome is negative. What is certain is that washing in the machine is definitely possible. The following article tells you under what conditions and what you need to bear in mind.


Can you wash leather in the washing machine?

To be honest, you should think twice about washing your leather jacket in the machine. Even the smallest mistake can cause a lot to go wrong during the cleaning process. In general, however, it can be said that coarse types of leather are less sensitive and can survive a wash cycle quite well under certain circumstances. However, if you are dealing with fine leather, you should quickly put this idea out of your head. Thin suede jackets would not survive a project like this unscathed. Materials like these should, if at all, be washed by hand without exception.

Even with coarser types of leather, caution is advised when cleaning like this. If the wrong cleaning agent is used and the temperature is set too high, the seams and the material can be irreversibly damaged. If the jacket is not dyed through, unsightly discoloration can also occur. Chemical cleaning agents or rough brushes are also a big no-no when it comes to leather care. The fact is: once the top protective layer of the natural material has been attacked, the lifespan of a leather jacket is reduced many times over. That's why we recommend that you take care of your favorite leather jacket. Because in most cases, damage like this cannot be repaired.


Washing a leather jacket in the machine: What temperatures are suitable?

The temperature of the water is a decisive factor in whether your plan ends in disaster or is crowned with success. Heat can attack the leather and leave wrinkles on the material. Even small tears are not uncommon in such cases. The damage is particularly obvious when it is dry and, in the worst case, the jacket that has been washed at too high a temperature can be thrown away.

That's why it's recommended to keep the temperature as low as possible. Thirty degrees Celsius is enough to gently remove dirt and stains and should not be exceeded. If your leather jacket has only collected a little dust over the season, a cold wash cycle is sufficient.

But not only should the temperature be as low as possible. The time the leather is in contact with water should also be reduced to a minimum. We recommend that you follow this advice meticulously, otherwise you will cause serious damage to the leather.


Leather jacket detergent: Which cleaners are suitable?

It is best to clean your leather jacket with water only. However, this tip cannot always be implemented for stubborn stains. For larger stains, it is therefore advisable to use a gentle cleaning agent. However, there are a few things you should consider when choosing the right product. Conventional detergents are not suitable for cleaning leather. We also recommend that you avoid chemical cleaners. Instead, you should choose anatural leather cleanerwhich also contains nourishing ingredients. Environmentally friendly cleaners based on plant-based surfactants and beeswax are particularly suitable for cleaning leather.

And the best thing is: you even save a work step. Because the leather is not only gently cleaned, but also given the right care at the same time. In most cases, your leather jacket is ready to use immediately after drying. There is no need for an additional care routine or waterproofing. But be careful: this is only the case if you have used the right product! If you are unsure about this, it is a good idea to contact a specialist dealer who can give you advice and support.


Drying a leather jacket: What should you pay attention to?

There are a few things to consider, and not just when washing leather. Drying it is also something you need to learn. A dust-free and dry place is best for this. Make sure that you do not hang your leather jacket directly in the sun. Be prepared for it to take a few hours, depending on the thickness of the material, for your jacket to dry completely. During this time, you should massage it by hand every now and then. The seams also need an extra massage. And there is a reason for this: if the natural raw material loses moisture during the drying process, the leather becomes hard and bulky. This fact has a negative effect on the feel of the material. It also affects the comfort of wearing it. But don't worry. As already mentioned, this natural shortcoming can be compensated for quite well with a few massage sessions and then smoothing the leather by hand. You will see: the extra portion of attention is worth it.