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"Clean & protected" economy set with furniture cleaner & natural wood wax"Clean & protected" economy set with furniture cleaner & natural wood wax
"Clean & protected" economy set with furniture cleaner & natural wood wax
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"Clean & Protected" Car Savings Set with Interior Cleaner & Care Lotion"Clean & Protected" Car Savings Set with Interior Cleaner & Care Lotion
"Clean & Protected" Car Savings Set with Interior Cleaner & Care Lotion
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Clean and care for solid and natural wood furniture properly!


High-quality solid and natural wood furniture is an investment for life. They impress with their natural look and pleasant feel. However, regular care is required to ensure that the material retains its appeal. If you decide on furniture made from natural products, you should be aware that the material is constantly changing. Wood is in a permanent relationship with its environment. It reacts to sunlight, temperature fluctuations and moisture. This also has its positive sides. In direct comparison with artificial surfaces, natural wood can be restored again and again with a little attention and the right care. The following article tells you how you can do something good for your real wood furniture and how to go about it.


That’s why caring for natural wood is so important!


Even though wooden furniture is considered to be extremely robust and durable, it still needs regular care. The fact is that wood is a natural product and it changes. This means that the material reacts to a wide range of external influences. These are:

  • Strong temperature fluctuations
  • Direct sunlight
  • Drought and heat
  • Change in humidity
  • Dust deposits and dirt
  • Nicotine deposits

Fortunately, with the right cleaning and care, you can have a positive influence on the various factors and protect the natural material from everyday damage.


Cleaning wooden furniture: What you need to pay attention to!


To ensure that you can enjoy your high-quality wooden furniture for a long time, you should handle it carefully. Remember that damp, hot or sharp-edged objects can damage the surface. Liquids that are accidentally spilled should be wiped away immediately and a coaster should always be placed under hot plates or cups to protect the material from discoloration.


Remove dirt and dust from wooden furniture

To prevent dirt and fine dust particles from penetrating the pores of the wood, you should clean your wooden furniture regularly. To avoid scratching the surfaces of your furniture unnecessarily, it is best to use a soft, slightly damp cloth. Important: Microfiber cloths are not suitable. They cause tiny scratches and damage the protective layer!


Remove light dirt

Light dirt can be easily removed with a sustainableFurniture care sprayremove. The advantage: Products like these often combine household remedies that clean and also care for the material to perfection. You can use sprays like these whenever everyday life has left its mark. It's child's play to use: spray your good piece over a large area. Then use a soft cotton cloth to work your way over the material in circular movements until the surface is dry.

If you want to treat your waxed or oiled wooden furniture to a complete pampering program, then after cleaning comes anatural wood waxto use. Work the wax into the wood in the direction of the grain using a soft sponge or cotton cloth. Important: Only apply a thin layer, because less is sometimes more! Varnished wooden furniture is already protected from moisture etc. by the varnish. It does not require any extra care.


Remove stubborn dirt

For heavier dirt that cannot be easily wiped away, you can usefine sandpaperBut be careful: This only works with waxed or oiled furniture. This method does not work with varnished furniture! Pay attention to the grain. For this type of sanding, a grain between 180 and 220 is ideal. After such a treatment, natural wood needs nourishing care. A natural wood wax is the perfect solution for this.


Remove nicotine stains

For theRemoving nicotine depositsSustainable wood cleaners based on plant-based surfactants are suitable. They are applied to the surface to be treated and, after a short exposure time, are removed with a damp cloth along with the greasy nicotine film. After that, nourishing wood care is required.


Prevention of wooden furniture: 3 helpful tips to prevent discoloration and scratches!

The stresses of everyday life and external influences also affect the appearance of your wooden furniture. With the following tips, you can effectively counteract the signs of aging.


  1. Use coasters & placemats

To prevent discoloration and scratches from occurring in the first place, you should protect the surfaces of your wooden furniture with coasters. Water or red wine stains can also be prevented with this type of prevention. Depending on your taste, retailers offer various options that you can use to create additional visual highlights.


  1. Ventilate regularly

Natural wood has a positive effect on the indoor climate. This is because the natural material absorbs the prevailing humidity from the air and releases it back into the environment when it is dry. But be careful: warm heating air and humidity are influences that damage your wooden furniture. Due to the fact that the wood works, it can warp. A room temperature between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity between 45 and 60 percent not only have a positive effect on the lifespan of your wooden furniture, but also on your health.


  1. Avoid direct sunlight

If your wooden furniture is permanently exposed to UV light, this will lead to color changes on the wood surface. In addition to the ideal location, you can ensure optimal protection with the right sun protection in the form of waxes and wood oils.


That’s why you should avoid using chemical cleaners when cleaning and caring for your wooden furniture!


If you are wondering whether you should use a chemical product or natural cleaning and care products to care for your wooden furniture, then your choice should always be the natural alternative. And there is a reason for this. Chemical products contain aggressive ingredients that attack the material, clog the pores and damage the surface of your furniture over time. Natural cleaning and care products, on the other hand, always attract our attention with their beneficial properties. See for yourself:


  1. You choose a healthier environment!

Most environmentally friendly cleaners are biodegradable. This has the positive aspect that they do not place unnecessary strain on our environment.


  1. Your health and that of your loved ones will not be harmed!

Chemical cleaners are toxic. They put a strain on our lungs and can trigger respiratory diseases such as asthma. Another problem: They leave a greasy film on your furnishings and wooden floors, which not only damages our furniture, but also the people and pets who live in the apartment or house. These problems do not exist with sustainable products.


  1. Products based on home remedies are more skin-friendly!

Natural cleaners benefit from the natural power of household remedies. They clean effectively and are gentle on surfaces and skin at the same time. In this case, you don't have to worry about irritation or rashes.