Leather care: How to keep your leather bag beautiful for longer

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A leather bag is more than just a fashion accessory. It is a loyal companion that can look like new for years with the right care. But what does leather care actually involve and which products are best suited? You will find out exactly this in the following article and how you can provide your leather bag with the right care in a few simple steps and freshen up the leather color at the same time.

Leather care bag: The basics for beautiful natural leather

Before you give your leather bag the care it needs, you should make sure that you have the right care products at home. This depends on the type of leather. Smooth leather requires different care than suede . Therefore, always read the manufacturer's care instructions first. This way you can avoid unnecessary mistakes. You will now find out what basics are required for beautiful leather.

  • Cleaning: Dust and dirt are the enemies of every bag. Before you treat your leather with the right leather care product, you should first clean the leather bag thoroughly with a soft cloth . Special leather cleaners can help with heavier dirt, but are not always necessary.

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  • Care treatment: After cleaning, it's time for the actual care. Use a leather care product that suits the type of leather . Apply it to the bag with a soft cloth in circular movements. Make sure that the product can be absorbed into the leather as well as possible. To prevent the leather color from fading, leather bags should always be dried in a shady place. Direct sunlight or heat from heaters are pure poison for leather . The reason: They dry out the leather and make it brittle over time.

Emma Green Tip: When you are not using your favorite bag, you should protect it from dust and dirt and store it in a cloth bag.

Caring for leather bags & refreshing leather colour: step-by-step instructions

Of course, you can also treat leather with a conventional color refresher. However, there is also an environmentally friendly alternative that also works. Did you know that you can restore the beauty of your leather with the right care?

Below we will show you how you can best carry out this process yourself and which leather care products are suitable for this.

Materials: These are the things you should get in advance

Emma Grün Tip: You can buy all equipment as well as all cleaning and care products for your sustainable leather care on our website . All products are free from harmful ingredients and tailored to the different types of leather, providing your favorite leather pieces with everything they need for a natural look and a long life. What more could you want? The following step-by-step instructions will help you implement them.

Step 1: Cleaning the leather bag

Start by thoroughly cleaning your leather bag of dust and dirt with a clean cloth. This will allow the balm to adhere better . If your bag has a few stains, you can remove them with a sustainable leather cleaner and then let the leather dry.

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Step 2: Apply leather care balm

Apply a small amount of the sustainable leather care balm to a soft microfiber cloth and work the product into the leather in circular movements. Make sure that you treat all areas of the bag and also include the seams in the care .

Step 3: Allow the leather balm to absorb

Allow the balm to absorb into the leather for a few minutes. This time may vary depending on the product.

Step 4: Remove excess care

After the exposure time, remove the excess balm with a clean cloth. Again, work in circular movements.

Step 5: Let the leather dry

Now you should let your leather bag dry in a well-ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight and proximity to heaters.

Step 6: Check the color

Check that the color has been refreshed to your satisfaction. If necessary, the process can be repeated .

Step 7: Impregnate leather

To protect the leather from external influences, moisture and UV light, you should finally waterproof your handbag. Apply the protection to the natural material at a distance of around 20 centimeters and allow the material to dry again.

Emma Grün Tip: Depending on the wear and tear and condition of the leather, we recommend repeating the treatment every few months. This ensures that the color is regularly refreshed and the material is cared for at the same time. This makes your leather bag a beautiful eye-catcher and also extends its lifespan.


Proper care of your leather bag is crucial for its longevity and attractive appearance. With regular cleaning and continuous care with a suitable leather care product, you can ensure that your favorite stylish accessory looks good and remains functional for years to come. Sustainable leather care balms in particular offer an environmentally friendly way to preserve the color and structure of the leather. With a perfect care routine, you can significantly extend the life of your leather bag and always keep it in the best condition.

FAQ: Questions & Answers

How often should I care for my leather bag?

How often you should care for your leather bag depends on how often you use it and how it is in use. As a general rule, however, you should nourish your bag every 2 to 3 months.

Which products are best for leather care?

Balms, creams, waxes and leather care lotions are suitable for leather care. When choosing a product, however, you should make sure that it is suitable for the type of leather and does not contain any artificial ingredients.

How can I refresh the color of my leather bag?

The color of leather can be revived with special color refreshers or, better yet, with sustainable leather care products such as a balm, cream, lotion or wax.

Can I clean my leather bag with water?

Water can dry out leather and should therefore be avoided when cleaning leather. Instead, use a special leather cleaner or a slightly damp cloth for cleaning.

What environmentally friendly options are there for leather care?

There are several environmentally friendly options for leather care. These include sustainable leather care balms, lotions, creams or natural waxes based on wool fat or beeswax. They consist of natural ingredients and are also biodegradable.


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